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Vöcsök "Grebe" (SC) 1:8 scale 1450mm


Product Description


  • Structurally complete realistic glider model
  • Planned of original graphics scale 1:8
  • Made of original materials
  • Completely built glider model  
  • Classic wood construction
  • Individual made, hungarian product
  • Language: Spain

The kit contains: completely built R-07B vöcsök 1:8 scale glider.


  • Wingspan 1450 mm
  • Wing surface 23,5 dm2
  • Wing loading 17 g/dm2
  • Length 750 mm
  • Weight 400 g


The original airplane was designed in the late 1930’s by Ernő Rubik, father to the inventor of the Rubic’s Cube, He is considered to be one of the biggest Hungarian airplane designers even today. For decades young pilots learned on his planes how to fly. sThis was exactly his aim with developing the design of Vöcsök: providing a proper airplane for beginner pilots’ flight trainings. And this is what we also are going to use this model for as this beginner plane provides you with an excellent opportunity to learn the basics of a lifelike modelling and to carry out your very first flights.

Some years ago a modelling group was established with the aim of building the reduced copies of all airplanes designed by Ernő Rubik in memory and in honor of him. These Old Timer Rubik Airplane Models are made in different sizes. Take advantage of the chance to join the group since this kit forms part of the Old Timer Rubik Airplane Model series. This Vöcsök model ranks among the 1:8 scale planes. Smaller airplanes of 1.5-2 meter-wingspan belong to this category and this is exactly the size you can easily handle. It’s easy to carry, since once dismantled it can easily fit in any car. It does not require a particular runway either so you can go anywhere to fly it. It takes up little space even at home, not to mention how nice it looks on your shelf!

For personal order, we can make realistic models and big scale in remarkable quality.

If you want to build it yourself, you can find the laser cut kit here:


Product Videos

A R-07b Vöcsök (Scale1:8) vitorlázórepülő modell berepülése. (01:06)
A modellről bővebben: http://www.pacomodell.hu/rc-modell/vitorlazo/r-07-vocsok-scale-1-8.html
  • A R-07b Vöcsök...
    A modellről bővebben: http://www.pacomodell.hu/rc-modell/vitor...
40.00€ (Fixed shipping cost)