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Tücsök 3000 "Grig" 1:4 scale RTF Glider with pilot

1,700.00€ 1,200.00€
(You save 500.00€)

Product Description

The original Grig (Tücsök R-07a) was designed in the late 1930’s by Ernő Rubik, especially for beginner pilots’ flight trainings. The first airplane was built by Lajos Mitter and was flown for the first time on October 1st, 1937. After having undergone some minor modifications, it has turned out an excellent training aircraft. From 1940 these planes were built by Aero Evert Kft in its workshop in Esztergom and more than 300 pieces were manufactured of it. The fact that it was not only served as a training aircraft for 20 years but various basic national records have been set up with it clearly verifies its true success.

Some years ago a modelling group was established with the aim of building the reduced copies of all airplanes designed by Ernő Rubic in memory and in honor of him. These Old Rubik Airplane Models are made in different sizes. Take advantage of the chance to join the group since this kit forms part of the Old Rubik Airplane Model series. This Vöcsök model ranks among the 1:4 scale ’king’ planes. Bigger airplanes of 3-4 meter-wingspan belong to this category that are considered to be truly lifelike models. They are created by applying original materials as well as original solutions, exactly working out all the details starting from the structure of the plane through the lifelike cockpit until the pilot’s figure dressed in period uniform. With these models you can enter even international competitions or participate in bigger modeling events.

The model – a reduced copy of the original model in 1:4 scale with 3 meter-wingspan –became completed, within the framework of the Old Rubik Airplanes movement. The test flight ended with very good experiences. The model is easy to control, is well-glinding and flys in complience with the designing requirements. The designs of the reduced model has been created according to the original structure. The wood structure of the model entirely equals to the original one. The wing construction of the real airplane was also made of wood, has two main spars and diagonal ribs and the rear part of its body was stiffened by wires, too. And wires were applied to move the rudders just like in case of this model. Even the wiring system of the wing is made up according to the original. You can find every single part on it just like on its bigger version. The crutches, the wire tension and wire connections, the connecting fittings, the worm drive, the rubber springs of the landing skids, the original registration marks and painting.  The pilot in the cockpit that has been created individually, handmade and -painted also looks truly lifelike. The original airplane, on which the model was built and which is displayed in Petőfi Hall, Budapest has turned out to be of a great help to us while building the plane and elaborating the details. It is a meticulous handmade item (has required 400 hours to complete), a high quality Hungarian product. The model received excellent ratingsat the Old Rubik Aircrafts’ Meeting.

Watch the videos!     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLSfhYniG54

- Beautiful, lifelike sailplane of 3 meter wingspan
- Designed in 1:4 scale according to original drawings
- Completely constructed, ready to fly plane
- With original materials used
- Individually handmade (approx 400 hours)
- Meticulous item
- Traditional wood structure
- Excellent quality Hungarian product
- With three different launching methods

The kit contains 
- Tücsökk R-07a aircraft model, completely equipped,      ready to fly as shown in the pictures
- Individually made lifelike pilot
- Includes installed servos and releases 

- Weight 3200 g
- Length 1560 mm
- Wingspan 2900 mm
- Wing area 92,8 dm2
- Wing loading  34,4 g/dm2

These model, equipped with electronics, already set and tested. Realistic, lifelike models in big size and even in museum quality are also available for individual order.

Product Videos

R-07a "Tücsök" 1/4 scale modell repülése. (07:07)
Bővebben a modellről: http://www.pacoscalemodels.com/tucsok-3000-grig-1-4-scale-glider-rtf/
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