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Stormbird 1270mm (SC)


Product Description


  • Structurally complet glider model for beginners
  • Great flight performance
  • Classic balsa wood construction
  • Structurally complete
  • Language: Spain

The kit contains

Structurally complete model


The Stormbird antique competition glider model for beginners. This is the structurally completed version, made of classic balsa wood, which has a great flight performance. You don't have to waste time and energy for the assembly, because we already did it! But you should make a decision before you start to build the glider.

If you want to compete, it worth to build the Járdán trigger into your glider. With this system you can release anywhere and anytime you want. You can reach the highest point of the winch, and you can let go the hinge without losing any height. Moreover, you can launch the model at the end of winch, to win more meters. It’s safe in any critical situation, you can prevent the glider from crash.  

Maybe you don’t want to compete, we recommend to build an electric motor in, so you can fly anywhere, anytime. This motor located on the top of the wing in a small parasol. It’s only mounted on the main-spar without glue, so you can easily pull it down or put it back. For this system you have to build a wire into the fuselage, which transports electricity to the motor. It’s not expensive, but you must make a decision. You have to order the motor set separately which contains the brushless motor, esc, prop, connector and the parasol.  

Come and compete, It's really exciting!

For personal order, we can make realistic models and big scale in remarkable quality.


  • Weight 250 g
  • Length 1022 mm
  • Wingspan 1270 mm
  • Wing surface  19,6 dm2
  • Wing loading 12,7 g/dm2


Product Videos

Viharmadár kézből (00:42)
Bővebben a modellről: http://www.pacomodell.hu/rc-modell/vitorlazo/stormbird.html
  • Viharmadár kézből
    Bővebben a modellről: http://www.pacomodell.hu/rc-modell/vitor...
  • Viharmadár föl...
    Bővebben a modellről: http://www.pacomodell.hu/rc-modell/vitor...
40.00€ (Fixed shipping cost)