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  • The R-26s "Góbé" is the most popular glider trainer in Hungary. For 5 decades, everybody had their first flights in one of these. Generations of pilots learned to fly on these. This glider was designed by Rubik Ernő Senior, who was the father of the inventor of the famous "Rubik's cube". He is the most successful airplane designer in Hungary. He designed 28 different gliders and 5 powered aircraft. He had his own factory, where he manufactured these. This 1:7 scale model was designed by Pásztor Gábor in 2020. The model has a lot of scale detail, and it flies just as great as the original. It has a very nice glide slope and behaves very predictable, like a real trainer!
  • We have made two prototypes of the "Góbé" model. The first is a traditional glider version. It has a tow hook in the nose, and a "Járdán"-style high start hook under its center of gravity. This way the model is perfectly suitable for bungee high start, or even aerotowing. Watch the video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KttzKAy5j5c
  • The second prototype was made with a brushless motor, a 20A ESC and a 2200mAh battery in the nose. With this setup, the take-offs are very easy, you can gain altitude pretty fast, but also efficiency is great. One battery can last almost a day! Very predictable, and good performance model, just like the real one. Watch the video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5bymbFVYlk&t=7s
  • All models are made with super scale cockpits. The seats are removable, and are very similar to the original lightweight aluminium structure. It also has an accurate instrument panel and a movable yoke. Watch the video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJwxSvH3fKc
  • You can order with optional air-brakes too. The construction of these is exactly the same as the original air-brakes on the Góbé. They open up and down simultaneously, and can be built retrofitted in the model after it is complete. Watch the video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXaYmawtRAA
  • The model has suspension landing gear like the original, wich helps with harder landings. The tailskid is also springy, and is covered with artificial leather, which makes it look very scale. Watch the video! Gear: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHmxc-BSo-8 Tailskid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zA-dnyWUjsw
  • The fuselage is made of fiberglass.
  • The wings and tail surfaces are made with traditional wooden construction.
  • The cover material Vlis.
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R-26m Góbé Electric Glider2000 w/airbrake Ready to Fly!

800.00€ 700.00€
(You save 100.00€)

Product Description

R-26 Góbé is the most popular Hungarian glider
1:7 scale very realistic RTF model with airbrake
Fiberglass fuselage 
Alumínium style parts
Laser cut wooden parts
3D printed plastic  parts
High quality model of European

- Wingspan 2000 mm
- Wing surface 37,2 dm2
- Wing loading 26,3 g/dm2
- Length 1285 mm
- Weight 980 g

In case you prefer to build the airplane by yourself, you can find here the building kit version.

Watch the product videos!

Product Videos

Góbé motoros (01:13)
Bővebben a modellről: https://www.pacomodell.hu/rc-modell/vitorlazo/r-26-gobe-1-7.html
  • Góbé motoros
    Bővebben a modellről: https://www.pacomodell.hu/rc-modell/vi...
  • Góbé magasstart
    Bővebben a modellről: https://www.pacomodell.hu/
  • Góbé kabinbelső
    Bővebben a modellről:
  • Góbé féklap
    Bővebben a modellről:
  • Góbé_siklatás2wmv
    Bővebben a modellről: https://www.pacomodell.hu/
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