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Pelican 2600mm (SC) The EC winner of the ELOT category!


Product Description

Antique motor powered competition model, structurally complete

Best of the model’s tournament results:
2nd at Hungarian National Championship in 2014
2nd at European Championship in 2015
1st at European Championship in 2016
1st at European Championship in 2017

The EC winner of the ELOT category!
Great flight performance
Classic wood construction
Structurally complete!
Individually made, Hungarian product

The kit contains
Structurally complete model

Pelican is an antique, motor powered competition model which is available with both electric or combustion motor mount. This is the structurally completed version, made of classic balsa wood, that shows great flight performance. It reached 2nd place at the Hungarian National Championship in both 2014 and 2015 and also finished in the 2nd place at the European Championship in 2015. The 1st place at European Championship in 2016-17! The EC winner of the ELOT category! It is constantly ranked among the best at both the international and the Hungarian tournaments and is considered to be a widely recognised model not only in Hungary but internationally, too. The original aircraft was designed by Dezső Györgyfalvi in 1950. Plans for the bigger – 2,6 meter-version were created by Gábor Pásztor in 2016.

You don't have to waste time and energy for the assembly – we’ll build the plane perfectly for you. There are only a few things left for you: installing the electronics and the motor. Their locations are already specified and it can be completed by twiting some screws in. But if it is an entirely completed aircraft you prefer to take over we can even do all that, too for you and in addition, we’ll also cover your model with the material you select. We can also undertake test flying if you wish so. After all these you can truly be sure that your model is really of a high technical quality to enter international tournaments. Come, compete and be a European Champion!   

The airplane is built in Paco Model Studio where other antique or lifelike models can be created in any size for individual order.

In case you prefer to build the airplane by yourself, you can find the building kit of this model on the following website.

- Weight 2200 g
- Length 1750 mm
- Wingspan 2600 mm
- Wing surface 86,5 dm2
- Wing loading 25,4 g/dm2

Navigation: elevator, rudder, motor
Motor: electric or combustion motor
Assembly: installing engine and electrinics, covering
Structurally complete
Level: intermediate
Manfactured by: Paco Modell

Product Videos

Pelikánok repülése. Pelicans in flight. (01:36)
Bővebben a modellről: http://www.pacoscalemodels.com/ https://www.pacomodell.hu/
  • Pelikánok repü...
    Bővebben a modellről: http://www.pacoscalemodels.com/ https://...
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