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Miracle 1320mm Full LC kit


Product Description

The Miracle is the 1th of the 2018 SAM European Championship Electrorubber category!

- Antique electrorubber competition model
- Professional build kit, not just for pros!
- 2th-3th at European Championship in 2014!
- 3th at European Championship in 2015!
- 3th at European Championship in 2016!
- 1th at European Championship in 2018!
- Great flight performance
- Classic balsa wood construction
- 206 laser cut elements
- Fast and precise build system
Custom made kit from Hungary
- Language: Spanish

Miracle is an antique, electrorubber competition model. The original airplane was designed by Gyula Münich in 1950. It has a classic, balsa wood construction and shows great flight performance. Europe is constantly at the forefront. It reached 2nd and 3rd places at the European Championship in 2014. In 2015 it finished in the 3rd place at the same tournament and also won gold, silver and bronze medal at the Hungarian National Championship. It is constantly ranked among the best at both the international and the Hungarian tournaments.

The full kit contains the complete rib structure consisting of 206 exact, laser cut pieces with the full set of pinewood slats and all the tiny additional parts. But don’t worry, solutions come with the pieces! You needn’t rack your brain finding the way how to put the pieces together. Due to a well-developed system everything quickly and pecisely falls into place. There are lots of  pictures available on the attached DVD about the building process to give a great deal of help. So not only professional model racers but even a nonprofessional beginner can build this frontline airplane.

’Don’t worry and feel fearless in carrying out the building process! I’ll be glad to help you solve  all your problems that could raise during the work. Whenever you feel any doubt or uncertainty about how to continue just give me a call on +36(06) 20 5673 753 (Gábor) and I’ll explain to you  what to do.’

If you are into building and would be glad to have a friendly and easy to fly airplane, this model is exactly for you!      Come and compete! It’s really exciting and so much fun!

The electric kit for racing costs 70€ and contains the followings: standard C20 1550 Kv motor, 12A ESC, 7x4 folding propeller, 850 mAh 7,4V battery.

In case you have no time for building the model but yet you would like to fly a plane like this, you can find here the structurally complete version of this model that has been built in Paco Modell Studio.

- Wingspan 1320 mm
- Wing surface  15,2 dm2
- Wing loading 16,44 g/dm2
- Length 1000 mm
- Weight 250 g

The full kit contains:
- All plywood and balsa ribs: 206 pcs parts
- Additional parts: magnet, wheel, hinge...
- Full set of pine slats for the model
- Assembly instructions on CD with photos
- Covering material: Vlis
- Colored stickers
- Plan 1:1

  • Building kit level: beginner
  • Navigation: elevator, rudder, motor
  • Assembly: building the airplane 

Product Videos

Az elektrogumis "Csoda" repülése. (01:51)
Bővebben a modellről: http://www.pacomodell.hu/rc-modell/antik-modellek-sam/csoda.html http://www.pacoscalemodels.com/miracle-csoda-lc/
  • Az elektrogumi...
    Bővebben a modellről: http://www.pacomodell.hu/rc-modell/anti...
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