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Jardan type trigger (big)


Product Description

Cable release system for smaller models with a wingspan of around 2-2,5 meters. Can easily be installed into the fuselage and enables a safe release in any situation. With this servo-operated device you release where and when you want. You can release the tow cable at the highest point of the winching, but you may also give the model some boost with it to gain a few extra meters of advantage over your competitors. 

Operates safely in emergency situations and helps you avoid serious damage. Enables you to release the tow cable immediately in any emergency.
A separate servo is not necessary, the release hook can be tied to the elevator as well. This way when you release, it is enough to push the elevator forward a bit which pulls a wire and the tow cable is released. The model will acknowledge this with a little nod before gracefully flying on. The amount of movement necessary for release is minimal, it will not put unnecessary pressure on the elevator. 
Can be adjusted for a fixed position. If the regulations of a given race demand it, the position of the hook can be fixed with a little steel wire. This way you won't be able to determine the moment of the release, but you will adhere to the rules of the contest. You'll be able to enter the race but without having to remove the hook. On other races or during exercise you'll be able to use the hook normally.
After the release the hook will completely turn out, therefore the tow cable will not remain on it. With the aid of this device the rubber tow cable can be attached easily and with only one hand. It is made of fiber plastic and stainless steel parts. The weight is minimal, only 5 gramms.


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