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Jaguar Electric Glider 2180mm (LC)


Product Description

The Jaguár glider is the 3th of the 2016 SAM European Championship OTVR category!

- Antique competition glider model kit 
- Professional build kit, not just for pros!
- 3rd at European Championship in 2011!
- 2nd at European Championship in 2013!
- 3rd at European Championship in 2016!
- Great flight performance
- Classic wood construction
- 260 laser cut components
- Custom made kit from Hungary
- Language: Spanish


The kit contains:

- All plywood and balsa ribs: 260 pcs parts
- Prefabricated fuselage tube
   made of 0,6 mm playwood and balsa
- Full set of pine slats for the model
- Assembly instructions on CD with 150 photos
- Fuselage building pattern
- Jardan Electric trigger (optional)
- Covering material: Vlies
- Plan: 1:1

Product description

Jaguar is an antique competition glider model. It has classic, balsa wood construction with great flight performance. It reached 3rd place at the European Chamionship in 2011 and 2nd place at the same tournament in 2013. It is constantly ranked among the best at both the international and the Hungarian competitions! The original glider was designed by István Grohman in 1943. The model which boasts of a highly prominent performance for its age celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2018. Drawings for the new version have been created by Gábor Pásztor.

The kit contains the full rib kit including 260 pcs laser cut components by plywood and balsa parts. With the kit comes a tube fuselage which is made of a very thin plywood by a special method. There is a special building pattern belonging to the set that helps you precisely build the fuselage. If you consider competing, it is worth installing the Járdán trigger into your glider. This servo-operated part allows you to release anytime any place you just want. You can reach the top of the launch and releasing the cord will not cause any loss of height. Moreover, you can even launch the model once the launch is completed in order to get ahead of your fellow competitors by winning more meters. It performs safely in any critical situation, preventing the glider from crash. 

The attached DVD contains 365 photos about the process of the building to give a great deal of help. Also there is a 1:1 scale plan available for you for the building procedure with some extra drawings in addition to understand all the details clearly. With this kit you'll get not only the parts, but the solutions as well! You needn’t rack your brain finding the way how to put the pieces together. Due to a well-developed system everything quickly and pecisely falls into place. So not only professional model racers but even beginners with not much experience can build this frontline airplane.

’Don’t worry and feel fearless in carrying out the building process! I’ll be glad to help you solve  all your problems that could raise during the work. Whenever you feel any doubt or uncertainty about how to continue just give me a call on +36(06) 20 5673 753 (Gábor) and I’ll explain to you  what to do.’

If you are into building and would be glad to have a friendly and easy to fly airplane, this model is exactly for you! Come, compete and be a European Champion!

In case you have no time for building the model but yet you would like to fly a plane like this, you can find here the structurally complete version of this model that has been built in Paco Modell Studio.


  • Weight: 700 g
  • Length: 1220 mm
  • Wingspan: 2180 mm
  • Wing surface  36,8 dm2
  • Surface load: 19 g/dm2

Brushless motor : GP 2212 1400KV Propeller: Cam Folding 9x6" ESC: 30A with BEC Battery: LiPo 11,1V 1000mAh

  • Building kit
  • Level: advanced
  • Navigation: elevator, rudder, trigger
  • Assembly: building the airplane

Product Videos

Jaguar electric glider. (01:25)
Bővebben a modellről: https://www.pacomodell.hu/rc-modell/antik-modellek-sam/jaguar-877.html http://www.pacoscalemodels.com/jaguar-2180mm-lc/
  • Jaguar electri...
    Bővebben a modellről: https://www.pacomodell.hu/rc-modell/ant...
  • Jaguár repülése
    Bővebben a modellről: http://www.pacomodell.hu/rc-modell/antik...
  • Jaguár start
    Bővebben a modellről: http://www.pacomodell.hu/rc-modell/antik...
  • A Jaguár repül...
    Bővebben a modellről: http://www.pacomodell.hu/rc-modell/ant...
50.00€ (Fixed shipping cost)